Okyanus 1 / 2

Okyanus has soundproof acoustic wall panel and seperate entrance doors that allow two seperate columnless hall and has been equipped with the most modern technology that provides digital sound system, high performance sound and light equipment, barcovision, live broadcast, network conncetion and front and back DVD recording. Electronic controls are made from the central control room but it is also designed to intervene with the remote control from the stand or stage.

In the Conference and Ballroom, where you can present your message effectively with the most modern audio and visual products including video conferences in your meetings, Ankara Atlı Hotel’s superior service understanding and its unique and special menu for every kind of activities will accompany to your Wedding, Engagement, Henna, Meeting Congress organizations.

Distinguished and unforgettable event…

Hall Details;

Okyanus 1 151 40 48 94 110 181 m2
Okyanus 2 151 40 48 94 110 181 m2
Okyanus 1+2 302 80 96 188 270 363 m2