Micca Bar

The Lounge Bar, which is one of the most colorful and dynamic elements of the lobby floor and brings a distinct excitement to this place, is an ideal and indispensable place for those who want to relax with a quick drink or relax with a delicious cocktail in the hustle of daily life. Due to its proximity to reception and other areas of the hotel, Micca Bar will become one of your favorite places.

Its modern and original design, international ambiance, delicious snacks and hot-cold drinks make this favorite place an ideal and popular meeting point for our guests. While enjoying the day in a pleasent and comfortable environment in the Lounge Bar, right next to our Micca Restaurant, you will also prepare yourself for an excellent evening.

The Lounge Bar,  which is an ideal choice for afternoon joy or late night drinks, makes it a unique place to communicate, relax or work with wireless internet access and mobile technology, like all the other points of the lobby, which offers multi functional areas.